Sunday, January 25, 2009

Favorite podcast, Free Talk Live, gets running mates with network

These guys are expanding in a big way.

Thanks to the AMPlifiers, now FTL is helping promote other great liberty-oriented shows via the Liberty Radio Network! Please help support FTL and Liberty Radio Network by joining AMP at

Now you can listen to the best liberty-oriented shows on the internet all in one handy live stream! Introducing The Liberty Radio Network - 24/7 streaming of the most recent episodes of great programming like Gardner Goldsmith's Liberty Conspiracy, The Lew Rockwell Show, Freedomain Radio, Antiwar Radio, Complete Liberty, Free Minds Radio, Bureaucrash's Podcrash, and of course, FTL. Plus, you'll also hear live programs originating from our studio in Keene, New Hampshire when they happen! Listen in 64k broadband or 8k dialup at

FYI: The Liberty Radio Network streams are in addition to our existing FTL 24/7 streams. If want you want is FTL virtually anytime, just tune in at ! Additionally, we have tweaked our streaming bitrates. Our low bandwidth / dialup stream is now 8 kbps in streaming .mp3 instead of .aac and our broadband stream is now 64 kbps.
If I could only get Ron Morris and these FTL guys hooked up, I'd be in heaven.

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