Monday, January 05, 2009

RootsCamp Pittsburgh, January 24, 2009 - at the United Steelworkers Building, 5 Gateway Center

I'll be there. You can attend too.
Thanks for signing up for RootsCamp! Here's a quick update.

More than 30 people have now signed up, and dozens more have said they will come but not yet signed up. Still, we know we have plenty of room for more at this point.

We can comfortably accommodate 200. So if you know of someone who you think should attend but who may not yet know about RootsCamp, please invite them. Here's the link to the main RootsCamp Pittsburgh page:

As you probably know this is a self-organizing conference. The attendees decide what they want to talk about. We have a "Proposed Sessions" that we can use to throw out some topics that would be good for the breakouts. Click on that link from the main page linked above and suggest some topics.

Thanks again, folks. There is much to learn from each other from this past election, and RootsCamp is going to be a great opportunity to do that. We can't wait to see you there!

Michael Morrill

Executive Director

Keystone Progress


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