Thursday, January 22, 2009

RootsCamp Pittsburgh is this weekend

Dear Camper:

RootsCamp is only days away! We're going to have a great day of learning, sharing and fun. And you can make it even better if you come prepared for the unique RootsCamp experience.

* Be ready to participate. Rule #1 at RootsCamp is there are no spectators. We expect everyone to share their ideas and experiences.

* Be ready to lead. If you have an idea for a session, propose it on the Sessions page of our website Just click on the edit tab near the top of the page, type or paste in your idea, then click save at the bottom of the page. On Saturday, post your idea on the Sessions grid and lead your group's discussion.

* Bring your own materials. We're providing the space, food and fellow travelers. You will need to bring your own pen, paper for note taking and any presentation materials if you leading a session. We will have one projector and we will probably have some flip charts. But not every meeting space will have them. So, if you absolutely need a projector, flip charts or anything else, please bring it yourself.

* RootsCamp food will be basic. We'll have coffee and donuts for a breakfast snack. We'll have sub sandwiches and water for lunch. If you need more than that, please bring your own. We'll have a vegetarian option, but if you have other dietary needs, please bring your own food and beverages. It's not that we're not sensitive to special needs. It's just that we are running this on an all-volunteer basis and charging only $10 for everything. We simply don't have the resources to do everything we would like to do.

* Bring materials about your progressive organization to share. We'll have a table for you to place your literature for other campers to read.

* Bring friends and allies. It's not too late to register. Invite at least 5 of your progressive activist friends to come. Send them an email today telling them why you're coming, or forward one of our previous emails. The more people at RootsCamp, the better the experience.

I'm excited to be a part of Pennsylvania's first RootsCamp. And I'm looking forward to seeing you on Saturday.


Michael Morrill, Executive Director, Keystone Progress
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