Monday, January 26, 2009

Awaiting approval

The following post is waiting for the blog owner's (Matt's) approval in another blog about Georia Blotzer.

An educated person is not going to, IMNSHO, write that she'll be beholden to my constituents and only my constituents.

Sorta like saying a teacher is beholden to the students and only the students -- yet not the facts of history.

It sounds (to me) to be very similar to what Kraus might say. It is a similar theme that hits to the over-reaching of members of city council for the past decades. Kraus said the same because he didn't know of the purpose of government and its oaths -- so as to uphold and defend the constitution.

One with a masters degree should know better. Kraus can be educated and he, I dare say, won't repeat the same goofy statements while on the campaign trails again.

That's why I offer the call out.

Recent example: One of the words in 56 point type (+/- X pts) in the P-G headline on Obama's oath days was "Purpose."

City council can't be about $1-M neighborhood needs slush funds any more. That's what got the city into such a hole it finds itself in today.

Call that 'tongues', and name-call if if makes you fell better -- but I call it typing the obvious and hitting upon issues.

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