Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day at Ft. Lauderdale

I put a few photos to Flickr from our day in Ft. Lauderdale with Aunt Debbie.


We started the day with a morning workout, on our own, in the ISHOF pool. The swim pool, 50-meters, is owned by the city. So, it is a public pool. But, it is home to a world-class swim and dive program. We paid $10 to enter. The pool complex was set up with 50-meter course, the other 50-meter pool was with warmer water and set up with 25-yard lanes. A dive pool, 25-yards, and a covered swim-lesson pool is part of the mix too. The team, FLA, had practice at 4 pm, but we'd not be done with the days activities to join them. And, Erik is in a mini-taper of sorts. His school championship meet is Wed -- and we were visited on Monday, MLK Day.

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