Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Youngstown State U. lowers tuition for W. Pa. students

Youngstown State U. lowers tuition for W. Pa. students: "Youngstown State University, in a bid to attract more Western Pennsylvania students, is cutting tuition by 26 percent for residents of eight counties in this region, including Allegheny.

The reduction for the 2009-10 school year, to be formally announced at a news conference tomorrow, is the latest inducement in the ongoing competition for students between universities on both sides of the Ohio/Pennsylvania line. The cut of nearly $2,500 based on current tuition takes the yearly cost to within $200 of what Ohio residents pay.
And the YSU mascot = Penguins. Feel at home there, and have some cash for beer too.

This summer we went to Youngstown for a swim meet as there was not any indoor 50-meter swim pool that could host the USA Swimming Championships, except in Youngstown.

Now is the time to talk about an expansion of the colleges and universities for kids in Pittsburgh with access to funds from the Pittsburgh Promise.

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