Friday, April 29, 2005

Another round of hate mail showed up in the mailbox -- trees are moving to the city to escape slaughter.

How many times must the negative mailer be sent -- before they fall all the trees?

How many times must the insults be shared -- before the voters show that they care?

The answers my friend, are blowing in the wind. The slander is blowing like the wind.

I'm in a musical mood tonight. More direct mail arrived in my mail box today. Its like music to my ears. My old-party opponents, Diven (the new Republican) and Fontana (the Dem who didn't get a D-majority in his endorsement bid) are punching and counter-punching with four-color direct mailers to voters in the 42nd district. As their folly accelerates, they burn more money and kill more trees. That isn't what the melody I'm looking to hear. But their silly mailers are helping me climb in popularity.

What's more, the mailers are not even that good. My wife read the first mailer that the Dems sent out that hit against Diven -- and my wife's reaction was, "My, this is going to help Diven."

So, not only are the old-party hacks weak with their own case and merits on themselves, but they are floundering at efforts to illustrate weakness within the opposition.

In another week, both Diven and Fontana should have sealed their auditions for new roles in any future remake of the Keystone Cops. Children giggle at the slapstick comedy of the Keystone Cops, providing some redeaming value. In this situation with the Ds and Rs, the redeaming value lies elsewhere. Anyone else who runs against these critters, today and in the future, is going to be blessed.

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