Monday, April 25, 2005

Debate late night

TV 4 did a debate. I watched. I taped. I should have gone to sleep. Nothing new came from the chatter.

Bob wasn't so smooth.

Mike's close wasn't so smooth.

Slogan of interest: In Bob O'Connor's open, he said, "Do more with less." And twice in Mike Lamb's close he said, "Do more with less."

One of the questions was right on target for Les as well. The question asked about "alternative funding."

Who won? Cleveland, Columbus, Charleston, D.C., Harrisburg, Buffalo, Erie.

Who lost? Everyone in Pittsburgh.

What is killing me about this race is the total lack of "pick-up power." None of the front runners are able to absorb the ideas of any other in the race. These guys are running a race that is stuck in the first inning. Give and take is absent.

However, given a long-view, many of the buzz phrases I've posted about are being injected into some of the discussions. Bob O'Connor said Pittsburgh has been too heavy in a "bricks and mortar" mindset. The Penguins of the NHL got zippo in terms of any promises from any of the candidates. Bob O'Connor is talking about schools and school aged kids. Bill Peduto raised the point about Pittsburgh's sky high 'deed transfer tax.'

Bill and Mike are improving. Bob's fade is every so gradual. The gap for those in catch-up mode might take months or years. So, the best hope is still a series engagements with updated content and an eventual knock out landed to O'Connor in November's general election.

It is going to take teamwork and fresher content. Sadly, I don't see much of a 'dance' from the challengers. And, this is a prime reason why all the challengers needed to be present.


Anonymous said...

A knockout to O'Connor in November? Ummm not very likely.

Anonymous said...

a revival to Pittsburgh under O'Connor's leadership -- Ummm not very likely.

Thomas Leturgey said...

I've been to a couple of neighborhood debates and a couple of the "candidates" didn't show up. There's no way that the should be on television if they can't come to the neighborhood meetings. Some "candidates" get their names in the newspaper from time to time (good for ego) but add precious little to the equation.