Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Storm over weather service initiatives

Storm over weather service initiatives Sen. Rick Santorum has introduced legislation that would limit the information that the National Weather Service can provide to the public,...

We have a bone to pick with Santorum and the White House for the recent denial of a tour while in DC recently. Now the wind blows again.

If you're for closed, hidden information -- I'm against you. If you are for open, free information, count me as an ally.

A radio interview with PA's Junior US Senator makes it seem unlike what was first reported in the press. Santorum is trying to prevent the US Weather Service from selling its data and expanding its mission. That's a different spin.

However, the alarms ring for me when I hear of any reporting that concerns one media outlet and another. The topic of media to media coverage is always highly charged and most generally wrong. In this case, the press reported something about the National Weather Service -- something that could greatly impact radio and tv news and stations. Watch out. Some hidden agendas and twists are probable.

The media needs to do much more in terms of PEER REVIEW. If one outlet gets it wrong, they should report on that matter. There are too many taboo areas among the journalists and the business outlets that pay them.

So, the story is unfolding in my view. Dig a little deeper before making a value judgement on the issue as the first reporting might be wrong by design to sway public opinion.

I'm still for open access. But I'm not yet sure who else is for open access as well. The free flow of information needs to be protected. Free speech, free travel, free trade, free markets, free association -- all help drive prosperity in America and the world.

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