Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Hit Parade. Negative mailers churn with counter punches between the old-party candidates.

Another hit mailer arrived in our mail box today. This one is paid for by the Republicans of Pennsylvania against my Dem opponent, Wayne Fontana. It has Fontana's photo, some hurtful remarks on property taxes, and not a mention of Diven, the Republican candidate.

The Dems did the same thing against Diven.

Turn about is fair play, perhaps.

All in all, two wrongs don't make a right. Rather, two wrongs make it favorable for thinking again. As they slug it out in the mud with hits and counter punches, I'm running free and clear.

Anyone who wants a nice button with a kwel image of Pittsburgh's landscape, come see me. I'm the only one not doing NEGATIVE direct mail, nor negative TV ads.

Today at City Council, I again mentioned the need to schedule a public hearing for Campaign Finance Reform. I was on that task force and our work there needs to come out into the public's view.

Democracy (small "d") matters greatly to me.

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