Saturday, April 30, 2005

Investigation of driveway paving under way -

Smile, you're on candid camera.
Investigation of driveway paving under way - "He said he learned about the matter when a TV reporter brought a videotape from a neighbor showing a city road crew doing the paving.

Romaniello said the controversy is the latest in a series of disputes with some of his neighbors. The two sides accuse each other of calling police, animal control officers and building inspectors to lodge petty complaints.

'All they keep doing is trying to find stuff to get on me,' Romaniello said. 'I ran for office to be in a position to help my community. I don't get paid for it.'

Costa said he plans to bill Romaniello for the work, which he estimated cost the city between $700 and $800.

A TV 11 reporter let me know of this story before it broke. The Diven camp was very worried that the news would be associated to the campaign.

My solution: Those on school board should NOT be eligible to get onto any ballot for another public office for two years from the end of their term on school board.

School board members have used the school board as a stepping stone to other offices. Barbara Burns, Valerie McDonald, and now Mark Brently. Others are in this league too.

If school board office was a "dead end job" -- then those seeking power would NOT run for school board. Then, only those who want what's best for the schools would run for school board. The grandstanding would evaporate as well.

I still want to elect board members, but I want to have a provision that they can't run for other office. And, as is the case with Mr. Fontana on County Council too long -- as is the case with those who work in the White House -- the off-limits designation needs to sustain itself well past the "resignation."

Campaign manuals on how to run for public office often provide the advice that you should start your political career at the level of school board director. That's bunk. Worse advice might have never been given and taken as such reasonable conventional wisdom.

To grow your power base while using the students as stepping stones is ugly. This is one reason why our schools are having such problems.

We need school board members who are there to serve the best interest of education while being aware of costs and taxpayers.

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