Friday, April 22, 2005

New York's West Side stadium could be on hold until after Olympics vote

Bob O'Connor talks about walking out of his hotel, recently, in New York City, and seeing a merchant with a hose that was washing down his sidewalk. He was suprised. He said that act isn't done here in Pittsburgh any longer.

Bob makes the point that they are trying to clean up New York. New Yorkers are trying to do it for themselves. He wants to inject the same kind of pride or self-serving spirit in Pittsburgh to make the same occur in Pittsburgh. When he's mayor, he'll work on it.

Yeah, right.

Think again.

First, New York now has its SECOND REPUBLICAN Mayor.

Perhaps that can do spirit is washed away with a one-party mentality. If the election for the mayor's race is over on May 17. Then, it seems, the duty for sweeping up the mess is always going to reside on the backs of the city.

I love the self reliance part a great deal. But the leap of faith that this is going to change because it is Bob's time is a bit of a stretch.

I hate B.I.D.s. BIDs = Business Improvement Districts. BID areas get to charge an extra tax on the merchants in the district to do things like street sweeping. BIDs are one reason people don't care to care for the space right out their door as payments have already been made to others to take care of those spaces.

Here is another NYC story where some with more prudent approaches are advancing with caution. - Olympics - West Side stadium could be on hold until after Olympics vote - Friday April 22, 2005 2:30PM NEW YORK (AP) -- Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver says it's unlikely a key state panel will give final approval to a West Side stadium in Manhattan before Olympics officials decide who will host the 2012 Games.

'I don't see the necessity,' Silver told NY1 News. 'Senator (Joseph) Bruno has indicated he doesn't see the necessity, and we may not have it before July.'

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