Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Qs without As (yet) for the Pgh Catholic newspaper

How would YOU answer these questions. Or, running mates, what suggestions do you have for me.

My understanding is that both of my old-party opponents are very much right to lifers. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being max on right to life views, I'm going to guess that Diven, now a R, is a 9.9 and Fontana, now a D, is a 9.5.

Some of these questions are insteresting in just their presentation. Clever.
1.What is your position on providing legal protection for unborn children from the moment of conception if Roe vs. Wade is overturned?
__ support __oppose __ support with exceptions – list exceptions?

2.What is your position on public funding of abortion?
__ support __oppose __comments

3.What is your position on banning the cloning of human beings for any purpose?
__ support __oppose __comments

4.What is your position on repealing the death penalty in Pennsylvania?
__ support __oppose __comments

5.What is your position on government requiring that benefits be provided to same-sex partners?
__ support __oppose __comments

6.What is your position on school choice legislation in the form of direct grants to students to attend the school of their choice (vouchers)?
__ support __oppose __comments

7.What is your position on increasing funding for the Educational Improvement Tax Credit, which encourages businesses to donate to Pre-K-12 scholarship programs?
__ support __oppose __comments

8.What is your position on reform measures to make assisted living/personal care more affordable and provide more health options for the elderly so that they may choose the setting best suited to their needs (ie. home care, assisted living/personal care, nursing home)?
__ support __oppose __comments

9.What is your position on legislation to impose standards to ensure that all scientific research in Pennsylvania adheres to established moral or ethical principles?
__ support __oppose __comments

10.What will you do to address the growing number of uninsured individuals in our Commonwealth and ensure health care that works for all? Comments: Please be concise (30 words or less) to ensure that your answer may be printed in its entirety.


My answers will be posted on my web site, and perhaps this blog, soon.

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