Sunday, April 17, 2005

May 10 -- 2RA.ORG "Defending progressive ideals through non-violent, civic action."

This May 10th event is out of my district. My mention of an event being out of my district is an insiders joke in this case. One purpose of the event is to esablish a corner of the world anew and take it OUT OF the United States, yet alone be out of my 42nd district.
[2RA.ORG] "Defending progressive ideals through non-violent, civic action." Wightman School Community Building [Directions]
Conference Room, Second Floor (Room 206)
5604 Solway Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15217

At the May Gathering, we will be drafting a Declaration of Independence for Free America. We encourage all who wish to participate in the formation of this new nation to attend and contribute to the process.

So join the Revolution and help change the hearts and minds of those who would see this country's clock turned backwards instead of moving forward.

Refreshments provided. Socialize, network, get involved!

RSVP (or ask questions) by emailing (RSVP not required, but it does help us get an idea of who's coming).

Perhaps if the 2RA gets moving in 2006, then Tom Murphy could visit that nation as a PEACE CORPS volunteer? Sorry. I shouldn't wish that curse on others.

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