Thursday, April 28, 2005

Interesting interactions with media to note

Bob M of TV 4 called to ask if I was running for mayor as an Indie. As of now, I'm running for PA Senator. If I become the new state senator, I won't run for mayor. I'll make more decisions and announce them on election night as we see the results. Stay tuned.

If anyone else is running for mayor, and is not a D or an R -- that person would NEED to be not a D or an R now, due to the R.C. rule. How is Joe Rossi or Joe King registered at the county election department now?

If I would run for mayor in the general election, I'd be a Libertarian, for what that's worth.

With the Trib, I talked with Colin McN. He told me that the Trib is NOT yet sure if it is even going to talk to candidates for the special election for the PA Senate. I would love to have an opportunity to talk with the Trib's editorial review board. Time will tell if that invite comes or not.

The PG must not have thought there was anything "newsworthy" in our editorial review board meeting of a week or more ago. I don't like the fact that no news is good news. I hate the fact that Diven is calling for a NEW authority. I think that is newsworthy and should be covered -- for its madness if nothing else. So, we hurry up and wait for that ink to flow.

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