Saturday, April 23, 2005

County Bar Association releases judicial endorsements

County Bar Association releases judicial endorsements

Highly recommended
Kathryn M. Hens-Greco, 47, of Squirrel Hill; Jon Pushinsky, 50, of Highland Park; Jack McVay, 48, of the North Side; Dwayne Woodruff, 48, of McCandless; Edward Borkowski, 54, of Stanton Heights; Chuck Evans, 62, of Squirrel Hill; Anthony Mariani, 52, of Ross; Tony Basinski, 58, of Upper St. Clair; Beth Lazzara, 39, of the North Side; James Mahood, 57, of Richland; Roger Wise, 59, of McCandless.

William T. Simmons, 55, of East Liberty; Jacqueline Morrow, 48, of Squirrel Hill; Michael E. McCarthy, 55, of Ross; David Joseph DeFazio, 50, of Shadyside; Frank Cecchetti, 56, of Mt. Lebanon; Patricia A. McCullough, 48, of Upper St. Clair; Dan Cusick, 56, of Mt. Lebanon; Alan Hertzberg, 48 of Crafton Heights; Wrenna Leigh Watson, 50, of the Hill District; Sumner L. Parker, 54, of Ross.

Not recommended at this time
Douglas Walgren, 64, of Mt. Lebanon; Kelly Eileen Bigley, 39, of Upper St. Clair; Tom Flaherty, 54, of Shadyside; Kathleen Miskovich, 48, of Richland.

Stephen Begler, 46, of Squirrel Hill; Robert Downey Jr., 51, of Penn Hills.

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