Thursday, April 28, 2005

Money and Democracy

We hear nearly everyday about the blessings of democracy and how it helps to preserve our freedoms as Americans. Yet, we increasingly hear about the negative impacts of money on political campaigns. There have been efforts made to reform this system, with so-called campaign finance reform. However, this reform has not been successful. We continue to lag in efforts of self-representation. Corruption grips tighter on the system and the players.

As a State Senate candidate, I have two solutions within a campaign-finance plan to fix a series of related problems.

The best way to insure transparency is to make the bank accounts themselves transparent. This isn't a private endeavor. This run for office is a public effort.

The creation of a new style of bank account dedicated for PACs would enable every citizen to have access to the bank accounts recoreds of willing PACs organizers. Such a policy would create greater accountability and improved transparency with a marketplace solution that would cut overhead in government, in campaigns and in media efforts of being watchdogs.

More to come shortly.

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