Sunday, April 10, 2005 Hey, Mom, I'm famous (On the Internet)!

Interesting article about blogs and fame -- an at.

A fellow stay-at-home dad, but this bloke is from NY, has fun with his kid and photos. Don't worry, it's all clean. Hey, Mom, I'm famous (On the Internet)!: "
Others stumbled on cash for fame, including Jeremy Zorek, now 3 years old, whose fame may fund his college education.

His father, Michael Zorek, 44, a stay-at-home dad in Manhattan, snapped a photo of Jeremy when he was 4 months old, posing with the Barber brothers, Tiki and Ronde, twins and pro football players. Then Zorek snapped a photo of Jeremy with actress Jamie Lee Curtis.

A friend who received the photos via e-mail suggested posting them online. WhoIs now has 119 photos of Jeremy with celebrities, including Madonna, Billy Joel and Ringo Starr. The Web site lists nearly a dozen shows that featured Jeremy. 'Not bad for 2 1/2!' the site says.

Jeremy has achieved fame 'to a certain extent,' Zorek said, but added, 'He has absolutely no idea what any of this means.'

But he will in 15 years, when income generated from the site will help pay for Jeremy's college costs, as Zorek usually charges for permission to publish photographs, bringing in several thousand dollars last year. (Zorek won't disclose the exact income figure.)

'We looked for a way to sort of make this something that could help him in the future,' Zorek said. 'And college, of course, is no cheap thing.'

Does he have a photo of his kid on The Great Wall?

What about with the Harlem Globetrotters? He's from NY after all.

What about with a panda bear on his lap?

How about on a boat in S.F. Bay with the Blue Angles about 50-yards over his head?

I don't go for the celeb shots. Rather, I'm more into the experiece.

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