Thursday, April 21, 2005

First TV debate in the can

We had two community encounters with the various candidates for PA Senate tonight including a TV debate in a packed Senior Center in Mt. Washington.

The score on a ten point system, from the perspective of one involved community member:

Rauterkus = 8
Diven = 7
Fontana = 5

After the event, I talked to a number of people. Some were clearly of the impression that I was the "winner." Others thought that it was a bit close to call. None said that I was third.

I've got a good portion of the comments on my recorder. I'll try to fiddle with the playback in the days to come. But, the entire one hour event was recorded and will be on cable TV in the future.

At the end of the event, I gave a closing remark that went back to a prior question. I made the point that there is a distinction and that the job of a state senator was not about bringing back pork to the community. I was less concerned about answering to the people back home. I am about living in a lawful society, giving full consideration to the constitution, about freedoms, justice, liberty.

Three women at the back of the room were being watched by one of my silent supporters. The session ended, and they all stood up to talk among themselves and were heard to say, "Isn't it great to have such an intelligent young man running for office. I think he was great."

My feedback was, "Mark, you clearly won. You wiped them up pretty good."

This is how a Libertarian thinks was okay. Don't say it too often, being that the city is so full of Democrats. But you did it just enough to make it clear and understood.

Sure, not many in the city might know and relate to the term, "WIKI" -- but being able to say that I can and do interact with other citizens on the web site was obvious. People must have thought he it going. My whole campaign is structured to citizens -- and can still appeal to the consitution.

The room was packed from the 7-8 pm slot with candidates for city council. The feedback from that session wasn't too positive. I only was able to watch about five minutes as we had another event. I was told that most of their (city council candidates) "responses were so typical. YEAH, integrate some services. That was dull. Totally dull."

We also scored a few bonus points for working the crowd afterward. Diven left right away.

One knock, I covered too much in the realm of sports. But another said it kinda wove together for his understandings.

My more official supporters LOVED my reply about TIFs. They thought that was my brightest moments, hitting it out of the park.

Nag me for the transcripts. Others can post comments.

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