Thursday, April 21, 2005

Mico Lawn Signs are here

We have a supply of 1,000 new micro lawn signs! These are micro signs that give an artisitic style to the message of while linked to our vibrant Pittsburgh background.

Typical lawn signs were called, "Litter on a stick," by former city councilman and present PA Senator, Jim Ferlo. There is a statement by Ferlo that is easy to have total agreement with. These signs in the campaign are not typical.

The south and west neighborhoods of the 42nd district are now being flooded with lawn signs by the old-party candidates.

Les Ludwig, candidate for Mayor, Pittsburgh, raised a post-card he was sent by an political advertising company at a meeting this week. He said the lawn signs cost $1.50 each and he'd not be investing any cash into them.

Four years ago, as a candidate in the Republican primary for Mayor, I didn't invest in any lawn signs either. Such a waste of materials and such a clutter for our neighborhoods.

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