Friday, April 22, 2005

Think again: Fester wrote about impressions of Fontana a while ago

Fester blogged and wrote, in part, a week or so ago:
I was most impressed by both his willingness to say "I don't know" and a general reluctance to criticize his opponent either by name or by innuendo.

This impression must now be blown to bits. The hit mailing against Diven showed up in my mailbox yesterday. Same too with the TV ads, so I hear.

The race tactics of of the Democrats in having any reluctance to criticize DIVEN is now only a fleeting memory. The smack down has started. Its paid for by the Dems.

I don't really want to republish the text of the mailer. I had it with me last night at the debate, but I didn't use it. Diven gave it a short mention.

Fester -- a retraction of sorts might be in order now. Or, at least you should re-set your levels for being impressed.

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