Saturday, April 30, 2005

Lead Sunday Editorial: Post-Gazette endorsement gives respect and reveals logic

All along, I knew I would NOT be getting the endorsement of the Post-Gazette. I have been in the trenches working with others in battles, hard-fought struggles on iissues, against the lame policies of Mayor Tom Murphy. Meanwhile, the Post-Gazette had generally endorsed the Murphy agenda.

Four years ago, I didn't get the endorsement of the PG in my only other race for public office, for Mayor in a contested GOP Primary.

Four years ago, the PG editors endorsed Tom Murphy. Frankly, I was glad I didn't get the endorsement.

Times have changed. Many of my worst fears came to pass. The fallings for the city have been noted.

I have different perspectives. The PG noted that. I got some respect in the editorial meeting, and in the recap.

The PG editors had ripped Fontana just a month prior for his failure to resign from County Council. That was noted. Strike one for Fontana. But that was less of shocker.

Diven struck out. He missed on the proposal to turn downtown public buildings into loft apartments. Strike one. Strike two on the flip flopping for the wrong reasons. And strike three on the recent pro-dem stance.

I think Diven would have gotten the endorsement had his ideas made sense. His plan for Pittsburgh is a sure-fire prescription for killing this town.

I saw Wayne Fontana tonight. He leaked the news to me on the endorsement article. He thinks it is a major victory for himself. It is. Fontana gets a star by his name now.

I feel that the PG was open minded about both Diven and Fontana. Their endorsement could have gone either way. It wasn't a done deal for either old party career politican.

The PG didn't hurt me, and for that I'm okay with the coverage.

Next up, seeing what comes out of the Trib. Wayne will be on hostile ground there. Diven might be the wonder boy -- but his stock will fall faster than a Kennedy's once the Trib editors get a sniff of the new authority Diven wants to establish.

No coverage at all is still an option with the Trib's editorial board. Perhaps the Trib editors will watch the TV debate (WBGN) and then have us come into their offices. That would be wise of them. Our TV debate comes next Sunday, 7 pm. Then the Trib editors can go deeper into materials that spin out of those debate presentations.

Time will tell.

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