Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Learning, feedback, two events

Greenway Middle School hosted a Pgh Public Schools feedback forum. I participated. A consulting firm has been hired to get comments from citizens. The meeting was with butcher paper on the walls and people with markers. It was much like a walk-in suggestion box opportunity.

My sons were in tow, and with their arrival another page went up on the side for kids' comments. The giggles there included the expected, "too much homework, not enough play time, and more music and recess." Then my youngest asked for healthier lunches -- meanwhile 95% of his fruit intake is from strawberries. The older wants larger portions at lunch. Both kids eat lunches we pack at home.

My rants on the posters included a blurb under technology, "Sad about Elbie." Within minutes, another scribe wrote a reply with an arrow pointing to my comment, "Glad Elbie is gone." Oh well.

I was rushed and didn't get a good chance to read all the other comments. I hope the materials flow out into the public in due time.

TechSoup.org's International event on Online Learning and Collaboration is slated for April 18-22, 2005, at www.techsoup.org/onlinelearning.

What are the issues and challenges involved in using online learning? What does it mean to collaborate and learn online? How can you and your organization use online learning and collaboration to achieve your organizational mission? This week-long event will answer those questions and demystify online collaboration tools. Join us as we discuss collaborative approaches for online learning communities, conferences, as well as classes and workshops. We will introduce you to the free tools available on the Web for online collaboration. We will also examine (and demonstrate) software and platforms in addition to best practice examples from the Tutor/Mentor Connection and Knowplace. The Tutor/Mentor Connection (T/MC), based in Chicago , uses the Internet as a resource library and meeting place for people interested in helping inner city youth. Knowplace is a customized International learning community that helps organizations and individuals move into the online world quickly and efficiently.

* An overview of ideas and practices integral to online learning and collaboration.

* Best-practice examples of learning community meetings and conferences.

* A live demo of a synchronous session.

* Free or inexpensive tools for teaching, training , and building an online learning community.

* The steps it takes to go from in-person to online learning.

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