Thursday, April 14, 2005

Coro Fellows to jump into the races

This is interesting. It opens a number of questions. I'll hold off for now on how or what to say about the associated opportunities.
As you may be aware, the Coro Fellows in Public Affairs do a placement in electoral politics for one month. We do require that host organizations have professional campaign staff to act as Field Faculty for the placement, a campaign office, access to computer/on-site space, and will complete an evaluation of the Fellow's work. We do ask campaigns to make a voluntary contribution of $500 - 1000 to help cover the cost of the Fellows' stipends.

Fellows are available full-time from April 19th through May 17th with the exception of April 26th, Tuesday evenings after 5 pm, and Fridays from 8am until 8pm. The Fellows are an exceptional group of young professionals selected in a highly competitive national process. The 15 Fellows in Pittsburgh are highly skilled professionals from 22 to 30. They are completing their final month as a Coro Fellow, and should be expected to be dynamic self-starters that will make a significant impact on your campaign. Fellows are restricted from collecting/asking for campaign contributions and from phone banking, although they may help organize/plan/attend/or manage fundraisers and phone banks. Coro's strict confidentiality code enables us to request host organizations to allow Fellows to have access at the highest possible levels.

If you would like to be considered as a host for a Coro Fellow(s), please respond no later than Friday, April 15th, at noon with the following information:

Fellow(s) Supervisor:
Supervisor email address:
Name of host organization:
Campaign Office address:
Campaign Phone Number:
Name(s) of professional campaign staff:
Opportunities for the Fellow(s) on your campaign:
Amount of voluntary contribution for Fellows' Stipend match:

Thank you. We will let you know no later than 4:30 pm the name(s) of the Fellow(s) who will be assigned to your campaign if you are selected. Please call with any additional questions.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

Tim, a CORO fellow, is starting to work with the campaign now. Welcome Tim.