Monday, April 25, 2005

Libertarian Reform Caucus

Thanks for the pointer H.
Libertarian Reform CaucusStatement of Purpose

We, the members of the Libertarian Reform Caucus believe that America needs a real libertarian party, a party that promotes liberty while being conscious of political reality, a party designed to win elections and begin rolling back excess government now. In particular, the party needs:

* A platform that proposes a realistic vision for the next few years, as opposed to an idealistic vision of a libertarian future. The public expects a party platform to show what a party's candidates intend to do during the next term of office. If the party wants a long term vision statement, it should be in a separate document labeled as such.

* A platform that unites libertarians rather than dividing them. Where libertarians disagree, the platform should be silent. The party should be a tool for all libertarians.

* A platform based on the realization that there are other important values in addition to the non-initiation of force. Freedom is extremely valuable, but it is not the only value.


Amos the Poker Cat said...

Nice idea, but compromise to a Libertarian is like daylight to a vampire.

Concider, the height of interest in a national Libertarian candidate was 1980. That was only 1.06%, about 921K people, and it has been going down hill every since! Last year it was only 0.32%, not even 400K people!

I would categorize myself as a libertarian Republican, or a conservative liberatarian, although I score myself a perfect 100% on the world's smallest political quiz.

Mark Rauterkus said...

I'm here to make history, not be a slave to it. Politics is about the future more than about the past.

I presently call myself a Common-sense Libertarian. Or, I've called myself a "free market Republican." But my favorite, now -- simply -- "Don't Put Me In a Box." Labels don't work if we are to thrive and flourish.

The 100% part, say what? I know the quiz. But scores are not with percent grades, are they? Must be joking.