Friday, April 22, 2005

Peduto is getting to resemble Al Gore

Al Gore invented the internet. Yeah, right.

Bill Peduto seems to have invented everything Al didn't. -- OMG.

PITTSBLOG: I wanted to be the first democratic mayoral candidate to recognize the importance of local blogs, and I hope the other campaigns will follow suit.

The pioneer is generally the one with the arrow in his back.

Being first is always a great claim if you want to get in serious trouble, especially on the internet. The hype is moving past the brim.

Bill did write that he wanted to be the first "democratic" mayoral candidate... But, I don't even care. Be right. Be truthful. Be straight. To peak early isn't always such a good thing. And, peaking earlist is nothing to brag about.

I feel frustrated as I think that less time spent patting oneself on the back for being the early bird could be replaced with more time wrestling with the issues.

In our office now we have three words: Message, Media and Matterials. The message isn't the media nor the matterials. But, I need the media and the materials to get out the message.

In every box of Cracker Jacks there is a suprise.

Here is another sports jargon story -- to put me over the top. When I hear a sports reporter say that the team's game plan is to get on the scoreboard early, I giggle. Think again. The game is won by those who score more points as the game concludes. The rabbit does not win the race. The winners are those that stick to it and perservere.

More twisted statements: Because it is true. Because its absent on Grant Street. Those are the reasons to be optimisitic!

How depressing.


David R. Mark said...

Gore never said he "invented the Internet." It's a conservative myth, which unfortunately has been repeated by the mainstream press and become a part of our public consciousness.

To see a history of how the conservatives successfully spun this myth, check out

Jeebas said...

I am pro-Peduto, but when he says recognize the importance of local blogs, he means ones that have over a certain amount of hits a day. I haven't really seen his campaign "notice" any blog but PITTSBLOG