Thursday, February 01, 2007

2 Political Junkies: Lukey says "Jump" Jimmy says "How high?" Motznik blog goes bye-bye!

Within the comments of another blog comes some props and some hits. I give my reply there. But, I might as well re-post it here too.
2 Political Junkies: Lukey says "Jump" Jimmy says "How high?" Motznik blog goes bye-bye! 3. Mark R., sometimes you bring up good points, but ...

See the comments for the rest, or go to that blog.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

A person calling him/herself MALIFICENT wrote:

At 6:24 AM, malificent said...

1. Delano does have a blog, he just started it yesterday:

2. Motznik was running away from the reporter, b/c the reporter wanted to question him about his charging the city for mileage on his personal car, while he was using a city-issued car. Double dipping. By the way this was never investigated.

3. Mark R., sometimes you bring up good points, but your repeated harping grows tiresome.

For example, 'blog' is a combination of the words web + log. A blog is an online journal/diary. The pen & paper version does not contain comments from outsiders. Likewise, a "real" blog doesn't need to allow for comments. Move on with this already.

I've lost count of how many offices you've run for, but don't think you've won one yet. Instead you spend alot of time criticizing elected officials & organizations, via the prodigious number of posts you write on your & other blogs.

Perhaps if you focused on coming up with a campaign plan that cuts your many hours on-line - to make time for real world meetings with potential voters, you could win an election & go on to implement the ideas you post about.

Til then you're a "split pea", some good ideas on one side, little follow-thru/impact on the other.

- - - - - -

My reply:

At 8:39 AM, Mark Rauterkus said...

If you lost count for the offices I've run for, let's count together.

1. Mayor, city of Pgh, 2001 primary as a R -- because we needed a new mayor more that I needed to be mayor.

2. PA Senate, 2005, Libertarian, special election. The R and D both spent $1-M.

3. Pgh City Council, 2006, Libertarian, special election. First race I didn't come in last place.

That's 3 official ballot positions. I hope you can count to three.

The 4th came in 2006 -- but I pulled out of the race after standing before the judge in Harrisburg with a challenge from the foe. Entered court evidence into court record showing foe used his PA Senate 42nd district office to make the challenge -- his fax header was at the top of the text pages.

So, that's 4. Just the fingers on one hand.

Thanks for the mentions of raising good points.

My impact is what it is.

FYI, my getting elected isn't as important as Pittsburgh becoming a place where all can thrive -- even those without the need for a "D" next to one's name.

When the number of bigots in Pgh equals the number of public offices I've run for, we'll all celebrate. Hopefull, when that dawn breaks the city will still exist.

BTW, save the recycled electrons when it comes to giving me a lecture about technology and blogging. Just following through....