Thursday, February 01, 2007

Gaming board says Barden's casino 'best fit' for city

The slots parlor didn't fit into the fabric of the lower Hill District, so says the Gaming Board.

Furthermore, I'd say that the new arena does NOT fit into the fabric of the Hill District either.

The existing civic arena should stay where it is for more modest events that don't require corporate box seats. More development can enclose around the civic arena, and that facility can be used for other activities around the clock on a daily basis.

A new venue should be built, with private money, within Allegheny County, such as at the old airport site. The Penguins should be able to build with seat licenses, corporate boxes, and 500 acres of development rights on property that isn't as confined as is in the Hill District.
Gaming board says Barden's casino 'best fit' for city: "'The board finds that PITG's facility design was, in the board's opinion, better than IOC's facility, that PITG's North Shore location boasts great potential for the rebirth of development and economic stimulus in that area and that PITG's ability to manage traffic was better than that of Station Square Gaming,' the opinion said."

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