Wednesday, March 05, 2008

ACTION does NOT equal HOLD

Over at Char's blog, I left this posting in a thread about the sign.

To be sure, the 'non-action' was from Kraus, not Dowd. Kraus introduced a measure that was then in the next breath put into limbo with a 'hold.'

Kraus put in a measure that asks the one in the private marketplace to shoot oneself in the foot and fix an ill caused by the city. The city needs to get its act in order -- first.

The solution from Kraus is a joke -- without a punch line -- as it is on 'hold.'

Meanwhile, Patrick Dowd is being prudent as he might need to sit as 'judge' in a zoning case. That is a role of city council. So, if he puts his cards on the table -- he would disqualify himself from the looming role.

Regardless, there are dozens of ethical complaints that should be filed on this. It is way too long for the legal advice to appear, for starters.

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