Sunday, March 09, 2008

Go figure where Tom Murphy has been spending time -- N.O., Louisiana

Worst to First in Louisiana
At least one other state is determined to compete for the title of "best in America" in public integrity. Louisiana, long the state that defenders of corruption have pointed to as even worse than PA, has a new governor who has declared the goal of giving Louisiana the "most ethical" government in America.

Gov. Bobby Jindal, a conservative Republican son of immigrants from India, last week pushed a series of reforms through a legislature that didn't like it a bit. But because of public pressure and gubernatorial leadership, they began to pull LA out of the corruption swamp.

According to a New York Times story, a new law on financial disclosure for lawmakers rivals the previous best-in-America law in Washington State, which also has the best-in-America lobbying control law, according to the Better Government Association. CLICK HERE for the full story, which tells why Jindal thinks integrity is so important to Louisiana's economy.

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