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Onorato wants moratorium on cabin work in county parks - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

The places are falling down. There has been 30 years of neglect in our parks.
Onorato wants moratorium on cabin work in county parks - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "Allegheny County Chief Executive Dan Onorato today called for a moratorium on moving or tearing down any building in county parks after residents objected to the move of Settler's Cabin and the razing of a nearby historic house in Settler's Cabin Park.
These buildings are still standing, but are on their last legs. But the things that have fallen, long ago, are the programs.

There was a historical association that wanted to rehab the building and KEEP its staff there to do historical tours. However, the county would only give them a year-to-year lease. They would have put in $60,000. But, that doesn't happen with short-term thinking. So, in the long term, we (Allegheny County) get zippo.

Most of the meeting and Onorato's remarks are on video. My video.

I went to the other most recent town hall meeting in White Oak too. There, I asked a question. I wanted to know who Onorato has hand-picked to be on the nonprofit parks board group that is just starting. He said that the names would be on the internet by the end of the week.

Well, after searching the Allegheny County Parks site again this morning, before going to the meeting today, I still could NOT find the name.

Before the meeting we talked. When asked if I was going to go to all the meetings, I said I was only going to attend until I had the answer to my question(s). I asked last week and still don't have a reply.

So, in the first part of today's presentation, the names of the board members were read to the public.

I also said that it would just make better sense to appoint me to the new nonprofit parks board and then I'd be sure to make the dealings of that organization open and transparent.

Onorato was not so keen to that suggestion. But, he suggested I get onto a "Friends" body with one of the parks -- as a way to 'start.' Well, I'm already on one of those and have been for years. But, that park group does NOT meet.

Some of the friends groups operate and some do not. I got appointed to the Friends of Deer Lake Park.

Stay tuned. There is much more to come on parks from me in the weeks to come.

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"I will put a moratorium on taking down any of these buildings," Onorato told a crowd of about 50 people at a public hearing at Freddie's Cafe in the Bayer Corp. complex on Bayer Road in Robinson Township.

The meeting was held to discuss plans for Settler's Cabin Park in Collier, North Fayette and Robinson.

The county parks department had planned to move the cabin from Pinkerton Run Road to the front of the Park and to tear down the house, which dates back to the 19th century.

story continues below

"Not a problem," said county parks director ANdrew Baechle about the moratorium. "Dan's the boss."

There are several hundred buildings in the county parks, and the county was thinking of moving or tearing down several of them. A house and a barn in south Park were being considered for demolition until the moratorium issued today.