Thursday, March 06, 2008

Texas sized problem in calling election for Hillary Clinton had a big win in Ohio, and a substantial victory in Rhode Island. But imagine the narrative had the press noted that she appeared to be losing Texas.


Anonymous said...

What happened in Texas yesterday?

Did 21 counties in TX have NO Republican voters?
Did 3 counties in TX have NO Democratic voters?

Check out the CNN and Texas Secretary of State web sites.

Really? Or is something wrong with the trade secret software that
counts the invisible e-ballots in TX?

Anonymous said...

Dear Friends,

I forwarded you an email on yesterday's suspicious Texas primary
election results but did not author it.

Here is my own take -


Did 21 counties in TX really have NO Republican voters?
Did 3 counties in TX really have NO Democratic voters?

Or did the voting machine software count the paper and the invisible
e-ballots incorrectly?

Check out the CNN and Texas Secretary of State web sites.

Here is the list of voting machines used in TX by county:

Probably the virtually impossible TX vote counts were not caused by
fraud, but WERE caused by human error.

(Human error is the only kind of election error since humans build and
program the machines, the ballot definitions, and the databases used
to count votes.)

The counties with zero vote counts for either the Republicans or the
Democrats used a variety of voting machines:

ES&S optical scanners and digital recording electronic (DRE) voting
machines, and also Hart DRE and optical scan voting machines.

Texas also uses Diebold voting machines, but no counties using
Diebold voting machines had zero votes counted for the Republicans or

In Washington State's February primary they counted some Republican
ballots as Democratic ballots also in some counties - where voters
whose names contained particular letters had their ballots counted as
Democratic ballots, even though many of them had voted as Republicans
- so the vote counts there were inaccurate in the same manner as
Texas' vote counts are most likely inaccurate.

If Republican ballots were all counted as Democratic ballots in 21
Texas counties, then extra votes were awarded to Clinton or to Obama
depending on the corresponding ballot positions of Republican primary
candidates as compared to Clinton or Obama's position on the ballots.

I.e. If ballots were counted incorrectly in those 24 TX counties, then
both the Republican and Democratic vote counts were inaccurate in TX.

Washington state used ES&S optical scan voting systems and the
database of voters was incorrect (and perhaps other databases as
well.) It will be interesting to see what causes are associated with
the incorrect vote counts in TX, and whether or not the DRE vote
counts, without a paper ballot record, can be corrected at all or not.

Election officials seem to have a tendancy for covering up problems
with the vote counts rather than routinely detecting, exposing, and
correcting the inevitable errors. It is surprising that election
officials do not notice these type of errors until after election
advocates point out the virtually impossible patterns of vote counts.

If the press reports this virtually impossible phenomenon in TX it is
likely that Republican voters will come forward (or the voter
registries can be examined) to find Republicans who voted in the 21
counties, as well as Dem voters in the 3 counties claiming zero Dem

What common errors could have caused so many counties (21) in TX to
show no votes for all voters of either the Democratic or Republican

There may be a common error among those counties in the way they
programmed their voting machines which caused all voters' ballots to
be counted for only one party.


1. these counties used the same consultant to program their
electronic voter registration or electronic poll books which
improperly listed all voters as belonging to the same political party?


2. these 24 TX counties hired the same consulting firm to program
their voting machines.


3. the county election officials all forgot, or were not trained to,
sort the ballots prior to counting them, or to program the voting
machines correctly,


4. the poll workers made errors (Vendors and Election Officials
typically blame election problems on poll workers.)


5. the voters forgot to fill out a bubble to indicate what political
party their ballot was


6. the ballot printers of optical scan ballots forgot to print
different bar codes on the Republican and Democratic ballots

Computers magnify human error and the ability to commit vote fraud by
a thousand-fold.

For instance, the States of MA, NH, and CT all use the same company,
LHS, to program all their optical scan machines, and CT found in
conducting audits of the memory cards during the election, that a high
percentage of memory cards contained junk and were improperly

In New York State, election officials "forgot" to record Obama votes
on the reports they submitted from the polls to the central election
office. In New Jersey, the voting machines malfunctioned and counted
votes incorrectly.

It seems probable that Clinton and Obama were awarded extra votes in
Texas that were meant for Republican candidates - and probably not in
the same proportion as Democratic voters.

The TX primary election vote counts are obviously not accurate - not
even TX popular vote counts are accurate in the 24 counties are
showing that either no Republicans or alternatively that no Democrats

It could be that ALL ballots were counted as Democratic in those 21
counties and that votes for certain Republicans were counted
incorrectly as votes for certain Democrats (perhaps Clinton).

Here is an excellent article, very well written, by a historian on the
phenomenon of how press already improperly reported on the TX primary
election contest between Obama vs. Clinton:

I hope that press and TX election officials will investigate and
uncover exactly what the problems were in TX and that TX election
officials will try to correct the TX vote counts, rather than trying
to convince the public that there were "no problems".


is that ALL Texas Republicans crossed over in these 21 counties to try
to influence the Democratic primary election. That would not be a
flattering picture of Republican voters. Let's hope that was not the

Yet that would not explain the lack of any Democratic votes in 3
counties where there was not much reason for Democrats to cross-over
and vote in the Republican primary.

The only way to know the cause(s) for this highly suspicious pattern
in the Texas primary is to investigate all the more likely
possibilities, that ballots were counted inaccurately, and eliminate
it first.




Here is the Texas Vote Count Data for the 24 counties reporting zero
votes for either Republicans or Democrats:

Richard Hayes Phillips, Ph.D.
March 5, 2008

Didn't anybody notice this?

It is now 24 hours after the polls closed in Texas.

In 21 counties, with 100% of precincts reporting,
Nobody voted in the Republican presidential primary.

In 3 counties, with 100% of precincts reporting,
Nobody voted in the Democratic presidential primary.

In the 21 counties with NO Republican voters, there were
87,919 registered voters, and
36,239 ballots cast,
all of them Democratic.

In the 3 counties with NO Democratic Voters, there were
5,212 registered voters, and
1,865 ballots cast,
all of them Republican.

In Maverick County,
ALL 9,661 ballots cast were Democratic.

In Hansford County,
ALL 1,235 ballots cast were Republican.


County Registered Republican Democratic
Voters Votes Votes
Armstrong 1404 369 0
Borden 432 0 139
Brooks 6385 0 3185
Cottle 1230 0 471
Crockett 2654 0 1166
Culberson 1959 0 526
Dickens 1410 0 612
Duval 9331 0 5053
Foard 1043 0 432
Hall 2110 0 813
Hansford 3101 1235 0
Hardeman 2969 0 1086
Hudspeth 1557 0 476
Kent 665 0 250
La Salle 4071 0 1392
Loving 116 0 22
Maverick 26224 0 9661
Reeves 6337 0 2228
Roberts 707 261 0
Stonewall 1087 0 483
Throckmorton 1175 0 513
Upton 2139 0 823
Zapata 7148 0 3190
Zavala 7877 0 3718

But don't take my word for it. See for yourself.

Election officials in the State of Texas have some explaining to do.

Richard Hayes Phillips is the author of the definitive book on the
2004 presidential election in Ohio
– "Witness to a Crime: A Citizens' Audit of an American Election."
For more information:richardhayesphillips(AT)


Kathy Dopp

The material expressed herein is the informed product of the author
Kathy Dopp's fact-finding and investigative efforts. Dopp is a
Mathematician, Expert in election audit mathematics and procedures; in
exit poll discrepancy analysis; and can be reached at

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