Thursday, March 06, 2008

TONY PHYRILLAS: Gov. Ed 'Pay to Play' Rendell

No bid contracts stink. That is the solution we need. That is what goes down in instances like the LED on the Parking Authority Building on Grant Street.

I want an end to all "NO BID CONTRACTS."

Competition works wonders. Be open. Be transparent. Make competitive bids.
TONY PHYRILLAS: Gov. Ed 'Pay to Play' Rendell: "Wednesday, March 05, 2008
Gov. Ed 'Pay to Play' Rendell

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review is reporting that the Rendell administration has awarded more than $800 million in no-bid contracts to companies that have political ties with Gov. Ed Rendell.

If this was a Republican governor, you'd have all sorts of investigations going on.

But this Ed 'Pay to Play' Rendell we're dealing with here. He gets a free pass.

The no-bid contracts were awarded Unisys of Montgomery County to run the state's data center for the next five years at $400 million, and $414 million in contracts over the past five years to Deloitte, a New York City-based company with ties to Rendell's administration, according to the newspaper."

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