Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Bruce Kraus authored "moratorium" is working like a charm

The Bruce Kraus authored "moratorium" is working like a charm. It is such a relief to see that sins of the city are getting resolved with extra time to deliberate and comprehend the "progress" that has been occurring at "breakneck speeds."

Don't you think? April 1, 2008 -- such a milestone.

Mr. Kraus has a knack of injecting more rust into a system that is already overflowing with fear, uncertainty and doubt.

From what I heard, Jim Motznik did NOT talk on the air to Marty G about the Pens' sign situation. Motznik didn't fuel that conversation one bit, as described in another blog thread. Marty G did try to bring up the subject and Motznik didn't bite, but passed on discussing it.

Bram, the Reebok logo does NOT make the sign advertising. Even without the sponsored logo, the sign is still advertising. The Pens and NHL are not charities.

Bram may have posted in another thread on another blog, "This sign could have gone up like that (snaps fingers) if Reebok or Nike or whomever was not advertising on them, but they were."

Isn't the Bruce Kraus authored "moratorium" is working like a charm????
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