Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Four Pittsburgh council members told to not vote - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Heavy or Not? -- Kraus says "not."
Four Pittsburgh council members told to not vote - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "The only penalty is to 'forfeit their office,' which DeSimone called draconian.

'I don't think that it holds any weight at all,' Kraus said of DeSimone's opinion.
Perhaps Kraus will be like Tucker S. He served on council for only a few months.

Go ahead and vote. We dare ya. You can be replaced. Real reform minded people can fill the spaces.

The P-G reports:

Council members in conflict of interest over legal billsThe response, from Ms. DeSimone, bluntly said: 'We caution that a conflict of interest has already occurred in this matter. The course urged here will not eradicate the conflict, but it may lessen the likelihood that someone will file an action seeking to invoke the forfeiture provision.'
I want to see that 13-page opinion.

Furthermore, I could see it go down like this.

Hugh McGough does NOT adjust hill bill downward, south of $400.

Then today, a member of council ask to 'table' the bill. The motion dies for a lack of a second.

Then a vote is taken. Shields and Peduto, by luck of the alphabet and seniority vote AFTER Burgess and Kraus. So, the rookies, Burgess and Kraus each vote to pay the bill, putting themselves deeper into the ethics violation. When it is the turn of Peduto and Shields, both abstain. Suprise, suprise!

The 'doesn't mean anything' nor 'have any weight' comment goes down in history as a way to sum up their careers as an elected politicians on Grant Street. Burgess and Kraus have their seats removed.

Shields and Peduto survive.

The size of city council goes to seven and never returns to nine as a special ballot question is rushed onto the November election.

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