Sunday, May 25, 2008

Earthquake lessons?

Earthquake lessons? - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Somebody better tell President Bush to send his FEMA director to China.

Looks to me like its government can handle a disaster far better than ours.

Lynn Ford, Gibsonia
Let's do all we can to pull our troops out of bases in foreign land and have them here, state-side. Then if there is an earthquake in the United States, we'll be able to deploy the people here to save ourselves, re-open the roads, check on the dams, fix the bridges, clear rubble, mend crushed bodies and bring relief where it is urgently needed.


Anonymous said...

John K. says: Ahh spoken like a true liberal. The purpose of the military is to provide you free labor. And all without having to pay overtime and deal with medical benefits all that annoying stuff. Need a bridge built, just call in the military. Why waste time training for war?

Mark Rauterkus said...

Not provide "ME" free labor.

Provide 'defense' for the country is different.

I'd rather have the military here, at home, working for peace, protecting ourselves, in times of crisis and great need.

The men and women in the army of China are not in Germany. They were in China. They were where they were needed and able to get onto the scene in a matter of hours.

Anonymous said...

John K. says: Hello, the military is a warrior society. They do not work for peace or sit around waiting for you to call on them to clean the debris from some creek that has flooded. That is called the Civilian Conservation Corps. It was a socialist FDR program designed to provide jobs without the consequences of labor problems. Rautekaus, you want that free labor. Labor that follows your order without question and works for low pay. The military has a specific job to do and you ought to read Washington's definition of how to create peace. Man are you whacked. You been outed bro. What is astounding you compard the US to China. LOL LOL You figure you can make a buck on the Chinese idea of slave labor?

Mark Rauterkus said...

The Civilian Conservation Core is not "free labor" -- just as the US Army is not "free labor." You pay for both.

The military provides jobs.

The military has engineers.

The military often blows things up -- and then often needs to protect other things and fix things as well.

Free labor -- humm -- to use your thinking, the labor of the military is free.

You'd want free labor to kill and not to help?

The military is to follow orders and the pay stinks. (as you posed about above)

And, twisted John K, I'm not asking them to proved "ME" free labor. So, I'm not going to figure I'm ever going to make a buck by the free labor.

Twisted you are.