Thursday, May 08, 2008

Pittsburgh Public Schools | 9th Grade Nation - Be the Change

This is crap, if you ask me. Our kids will be in summer activities and will NOT be attending 9th Grade Nation activities.
Pittsburgh Public Schools | 9th Grade Nation - Be the Change SAVE THE DATES -- July 29th through August 1st. Incoming 9th graders will receive more details in upcoming weeks from their schools and in the mail.
I want to see reports and follow up from the event last year. I want to see a report on the event from the year before -- the first year.

What benefit was delivered?

The kids sat around the stadium and got to be introduced to pro athletes. That's not saying much.

Furthermore, I want to see attendance reports about the long school year at the ALAs. They begin school in August. But, people don't show up.

No school student activities should occur until after Labor Day. Ninth Grade Nation can happen on the first days of September.


Anonymous said...

Summer 2007 was the first year of 9th Grade Nation. I did not have a child participate, but I was a parent of an older child who complained that the orientation program for students entering high school was inadequate. In my humble opinion the program was not going to be an instant success. What is expected? That every year will be an improvement. Not all parents have the ability to be completely involved in all aspects of the education their kids get. You are exceptionally involved and those who read your blog benefit from your involvment. There is a day where parent participation is provded during the 9th grade nation activites. I think it is actually better that school is not in session for this day. Don't knock 9th grade nation until you have experienced it.

Mark Rauterkus said...

I can knock "death" and not experience it.

Hell, I'm planning on living forever -- and so far so good.


I don't know MUCH about 9th grade nation. And, that is a shame. Nobody knows much about it. Don't have plans. Don't have evaluations. Don't have benchmarks.

I don't know if it worked -- or not. And, I don't have any proof.

That is worth knocking.