Friday, May 23, 2008

Civic Arena could OPEN for all HOME GAMES after the building of the new arean

Wouldn't it be nice to have the existing Mellon Arena, the original Civic Arena, be open for all Pens games -- home and away -- in future years even after the new arena is built.

They are going to build a new arena. They could keep the existing one.

Rather than watching the game in the parking lot -- invite the excess fans to a game-day festival within the existing arena. Furthermore, ticket holders to the Pens Game could swing by the older, historic, civic arena before and after games.

The combination of the Civic Arena next to the new arena would provide for a "net gain" in development for the city and the region. We'd be able to host bigger event. Have flexibility to have scholastic, college and club hockey on many more dates -- not with a conflict with the pop concerts.

The tractor pulls can be at the existing Civic Arena -- while the latest rock concerts can be at the new venue.

The existing arena can be set up with lots of smaller spaces, push-carts, vendors, mini-stands selling funnel cakes, etc.

The Civic Arena has always been a great place to gather as a community -- and be 'civic.'
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John K says: No, it just screws the hill district people again.