Saturday, May 10, 2008

These Ron Paul meetings may never end

The latest activities deal with Ron Paul's new book and getting it into various local libraries.
Through Ron's new book The Revolution: A Manifesto we have the opportunity to awaken many people in our local area.

Introducing The Revolution Library Book Bomb!!

Through this project we will be donating copies of Ron's new book to many of the libraries in the area!!

By just buying one additional copy of Ron's book we can help spread the fires of liberty within scores of new people!!

Buying additional copies of Ron's book will also help it to move up on the New York Times Best Seller List where it has opened up at #7. Over the next few weeks we can move that number up to #1!!

Additional copies can be had on for a discount off of the cover price.

On May 24th we will be meeting at Posvar Hall in Oakland where we will be stamping these books with our new website address so people that check out these books at the library and believe in what Ron is saying can get involved. We will also have available a list of local libraries to make sure that they all get covered.

While your at it you can also purchase one of Ron's other books such as "The Foreign Policy of Freedom", or other books by authors such as Andrew Napolitano for donation as well.

Let's make this book bomb a success and continue the rEVOLution!!!

How this works:
1. RSVP 'Yes' to pledge to purchase an additional copy of "The Revolution: A Manifesto" -- go to the Ron Paul's group to sign up.

2. Purchase the book before the event (soon if purchasing online to allow time for delivery)

3. Attend the event on May 24th at Posvar Hall. Bring the book to have it stamped.

4. After attending the event bring the book to the specified library for donation sometime during the following week.

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