Thursday, May 15, 2008

Too much to say -- and lots of ORANGE

Internet cafes are great. I'm paying 1 Eurp for an hour. In the hotel, it is 25 Euros for wifi for the day. The biz center at the hotel is too much too.

Amsterdam's weater was great, but might turn on us tomorrow. Biked about 15k. Went 'off the map' for most of it. Got a better map.

It is easy to get lost on the roads here. They have this pie grid system, but the canals don't really always go as they should.

I've rented a bike with coaster breaks and no gears. Don't need em. No helmet either. The guy at Mac Bike told me to just 'pray.'

Swam at an outdoor swim pool today, 50-meter course. Lots of grassy areas all around. But it seems as if that could have been a pool complex with 10 different pools or so. Wonder where they swam in 1928?

That venue will host an international water polo match in September. Got a book in Dutch about it.

We fell in love with Fish & Chips while in Christchurch. Here, they've got the chips. No catcup -- but mayo. Served in a paper cone from street vendors. The fish -- well -- herring. Different vendor.

ORANGE cowboy hats. Anyone want one as a NL gift? Saw a bunch on sale. Let me know ASAP.

Google NL bikes and basket bikes.

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