Saturday, May 31, 2008

More Kraus chatter

I posted some thoughts in a thread at another blog, PghComet, about Bruce Kraus.

Frankly, there are lots of other things that are more important to focus upon. However, some really want to dwell on the silly folly.

I would never have gone to Detroit for a hockey game. But, I'm not going to go out of my way to bash and devote tons of time there when many more important things are here to talk about.

Double talk alert from above.

Bram, you are right. A "previous negative recommendation" from the past, what two mayors ago, means zip when the new kids on the block are trying to be 'open for business.'

Kraus wants to stay in a rut of dispair?

Because the city failed in the past -- it should fail in the future -- it seems to him.

Alert to Bruce: Things change. We are fine with change. We don't want 'changes for the worse.'
"Mr. Kraus: We are stewards of the public purse, ..."

Why rush to hire additional lawyers then? (He has two attempts to hire already, one rushed.)

City bureaucrats should be able to do their jobs without the pre-approval by clearing things with lawyers in advance. That's nuts. That's EXPENSIVE. That's NOT good stewardship nor prudent. That's living in the bottom of a rut.
Bruce: "I am afraid that this will possibly then go to the courts..."

Bruce lives under and spreads FEAR. FUD.
"Mr. Motznik: If you guys would just let Pat (Ford) come to the table."

Exactly, Jim. That was another three hour meeting, or more, just on this topic. Folly. That isn't stewardship. That isn't being respectful of the public purse. That's the creation of civil war -- pompous too.

Mr. Kraus wanted to squander time, by design. He climbed a soapbox and wasn't going away.
"Mr. Kraus: I'm also increasingly concerned about the amount of time always being questioned that we spend at this table. This is the job we do. We are charged to represent the people of the City of Pittsburgh. I don't find it difficult to spend time to do the job in which I was elected to do."

The job Kraus was elected to do is NOT to represent the kittens and puppies in the animal shelter -- at the start of every committee meeting, on TV, generally 20-30 minutes late. Kraus is double-talk personified.
"Mr. Motznik: But we have someone who can answer you question sitting in the audience. You are wasting our time. He can answer your questions. Bring him to the table!"

Bingo! Motznik is right, again.

Kraus generally makes Motznik look to be on the high road. How accomplished is that!

BTW, IMHO, Rev. Burgess was sold 'down da river' by being called as the chair for that meeting. Burgess, as chair, showed his in-experience.

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