Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Live blogging: City council

These are urgent times for kittens. Thanks for that knowledge Mr. Kraus. He thinks you'd be doing a "great service" to the city by adopting a cat or dog. We learned this at 10:20 am, 20-minutes after the scheduled meeting should have begun.

In campaign finance reform discussions.

Rev. Burgess does not want to have the reporting to include spouse info. So, if Mrs. Ravenstahl makes a donation to someone, then she'd not need to note that she is the spouse of an important person (authority board member, etc.).

Tonya is confused. She said, "I'm confused here."

Darlene does not want to neuter the political action committees. She feels that the amount of donations should increase for PACs. Hey, neuter those pets Darlene.


Char said...

Tonya is always confused.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Kraus is the Bob Barker of Pittsburgh City Council