Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Vo Tech in our schools

The P-G did an article about Vo Tech in schools. This is a topic that I've talked about on many instances.

But, I don't get to talk to Jon Delano on a Sunday morning TV show, like the media darling, Superintendent of Schools, Mark Roosevelt.

The article by P-G's Joe Smydo, is something to look at with an eye to fine detail.

It is very funny, and tragic, that the mentions of 'cutting edge Vo Tech lessons' are being hyped as a part of the Engineering Magnet at Taylor Alderdice High School. The Dice students have an interesting program. The Dice students are NOT Vo Tech students.

South Vo Tech High School closed a few years ago. Vo Tech education in Pittsburgh Public Schools is frail, at best.

Pittsburgh Public Schools needs to do an overhaul of its Vo Tech positions and programs. This was promised years ago. It is late and long over due. The administration has not done its homework in this regard, like the other missing plans for high school reform.

When South Vo Tech closed, we were promised a comprehensive plan for Vo Tech Education. We are still waiting.

The article has plenty of interesting talk. Sadly, there is very little evidence of that talk being walked in the schools of Pittsburgh -- with the smaller, specialized expection of the Alderdice Engineer Magnet.


Anonymous said...

I'm looking for South Vo-Tech graduation Records.
Any way to obtain them??


Mark Rauterkus said...

It would make for a great study. I have no idea on how to get them. Perhaps a former teacher, a former principal, a former guidance councilor, or a former superintendent. ???

Perhaps a former administrator. Dr. Martin Johnson.