Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Harris and Kraus pimping animals at city council before more serious business

Two members of city council feel it is good public policy to delay the start of city council meetings to pet cute cats and dogs and promote efforts of the animal shelter. The meeting didn't start until after 10:25 am -- a full 25 minutes late.

There is no problem with promotions of valid causes. That is what the 3-minutes of public comment is designed to provide. Give the people at the animal shelter a chance to go to the microphone and train the cameras on the animals then. That is public comment.

Furthermore, there is a fix that I proposed for getting the meetings to start on time.

At 10 am sharp, turn on the microphone and cameras. Point them at the podium where citizens give public comment. Open the cable broadcasts from 10 am until the chair of the council hits the gavel. Citizens, including animal lovers, could talk and promote as they wish, self organizing, until the meeting begins.

For example, today's meeting started at 10:25 AM, not 10. There could have been 25 minutes of extra citizen comment until the council members arrived at their seats to do their jobs and conduct the meeting.

There would be NO extra charges if the cameras were turned ON at the correct time. The camera operators are there. The signal is being piped to the cable and to the various TVs around the city. The resources are being wasted.

What will really happen -- however -- will be much different. They will start the meetings at 10 am. Otherwise, they'd have to face the wrath of the citizens for extended remarks at the podium.

Meanwhile, Bruce Kraus and Darlene Harris should work on something of greater merit while on city council. The city's population is half of what it was. The city's debt is massive. Get to work. Give the animal shelter folks a golden invite to join the citizens at the podium within public comment.

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