Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Root, root, root for this guy! He is running for President

Comments from others (Pittsburgh Libertarians):


If you have a few moments, view some of the YouTube videos listed here -- Wayne Allan Root is truly a great performer (in one of them, he billed himself as "Ron Paul on steroids"):

I've watched a half-dozen or so of them, and he has yet to say anything I disagree with, and pushes all the right buttons. What's really cool about it, besides him being a great communicator, is he says he's in it for the long haul, and plans to run every 4 years, getting more recognition and votes all the time, until he wins in 2020.

Catch some of the Fox News debate between him and Mike Gravel. Gravel comes across in places as an angry old man who's losing it, while Root is everywhere positive, in control, and incisive in his answers. (I disagreed, though, with his characterization of the sub-prime mortgage fiasco as caused by government regulations forcing banks to make loans to people who shouldn't own homes. I heard some interviews on NPR last weekend with bankers who were being flooded with dollars from foreign investors who couldn't get enough of U.S. investments, and they couldn't create these mortgage package investment opportunities fast enough to supply the market, and so their bosses, simply out of blind greed, instructed them to keep relaxing the standards until having a pulse was all that was required.)

Henry Haller remarked:

During the Presidential debate at the Pa. state convention, in one of the "lightning rounds," Ken asked the candidates - by a show of hands - who could envision the future need to launch a war against Iran. Wayne Root was the only candidate to raise his hand.

Therefore, I will not vote for Wayne Root.

HK again:

Yes, his initials are WAR, he did support Iraq 2 initially, and he supposedly has some hawkish tendencies, perhaps because he's Jewish and has pro-Israel sentiments/loyalties. But he doesn't push it, when he talks about foreign policy he sounds like Ron Paul (no wars without a declaration by congress, no spreading democracy by force, closing many of the bases around the world, etc.), and he's far and away the best libertarian communicator for the common man I've seen. Harry Browne was good for intellectuals, but Root can reach the blue-collar working people much better, I think.

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