Thursday, May 08, 2008

Today's track meet is rained out and slated for next Thursday

Oh well.

Hope it does NOT rain next week on Thursday when the make-up meet is slated to occur.

What we should do -- and I'm going to make a phone call on this now -- is to hold the meet at the UPMC South Side Sports Performance Complex -- indoors -- if it is looking like rain next week.

A couple of years ago the girls track meet was washed out with heavy rain on a couple of occasions. The meet did NOT occur that year. Back then I made the suggestion that the meet be held indoors in case of rain. I'm not sure if my chatter back then went anywhere. This year I'll make sure the suggestion gets full consideration.

Pgh Public School's Director of Interscholastic Athletics is Michael A. Gavlik. I talked to him at 9:50 am, the day of the first rain out to confirm that the meet has been moved to next Thursday, May 15. And, I suggested, in case of poor weather next week, calls should be made now to get access to the UPMC South Side Sports Performance Center.

If you agree, give Mr. Gavlik a call and ask, what's up? Voice: 412-622-3944 - and Office Fax: 412-622-3948.

Next up: UPMC Sports Performance Complex contact info.

Phone for the Steelers is 412 432 7800. That is who UPMC told me to call.

For back up on WHY the indoor facility is OWED to the community, contact the CEO of the Brashear Center, Hugh Brannon, 2005 Sarah Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Telephone: 412-431-2236 - Fax: 412-431-5611.

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