Sunday, May 25, 2008

I'll help him pack his home and office

Talk about the future of this guy's career is not welcomed because I'd rather work on fixing the schools. Sure, he his breaking them as fast as possible. But that isn't the real problem. However, if he needs some boxes, tape or a hand when it comes to moving -- let me know. I'll be glad to volunteer.
The final solution to $8-a-gallon gas - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: ".

ROOSEVELT WILL NOT RUN. Besides facing a firestorm of criticism over his plan to close Schenley High School, city schools Superintendent Mark Roosevelt has also been the target of rumors about job opportunities elsewhere.

Roosevelt told Whispers he wants to dispel the gossip once and for all.

'I've been approached about a lot of jobs,' he said. 'I'm not interviewing with anybody. There was one job I got into deep discussion about, but it was not a superintendency.'

Roosevelt declined to specify what that job -- or any of the others -- was about or where it might have taken him."

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