Friday, May 09, 2008

Motznik on with Marty Griffin

Theme song from OZ, "If I only had a brain...."

The $11,000 spending for private legal bills is being talked about on KDKA Radio, 10 am on Friday.

Jim Motznik is right on! He said, "Or, I've hired attorneys myself, on my own, to pay for work of neighborhood groups. This comes from misc. services and staff money. They already have funds in place."

"It blows my mind. They talk the talk. But when it comes to walking the talk, they haven't learned to walk yet. They are very hypocritical of the things that they do."

The whole thing (with Pat Ford and the billboard) was raised by council members who say the process was circumvented. Then the four members of council circumvent the process.

These members have 'conflict of interest' and 'won't be able to vote.' They are the one's who went out and hired the attorney.

Motznik says: This isn't the first time. They criticize the mayor. They say, let's live up to what Act 47 says. Works for the cars. But, not for themselves in staff spending.

Motznik says, "They put all the time and effort into "blocking process."

"The president of council should have been aware of what Twanda Carlie had."

Then the interview ends. Marty gives props saying Motznik gives interviews.

My instant message to Marty at 10:29.

GREAT interview with Mr. Motznik.

The $11,000 is down from an original $80,000 ask.

Peduto, Shields, Burgess and Kraus are WRONG.

Professor Dowd gave them a 'schooling' on the difference between acts of a council person and acts of a private citizen and who should foot the bill accordingly.

Marty read the posting I sent to him, while I was on hold, callers flipping onto the air.

I'd love to make one correction to what Marty said on the air. He said, "Pat Ford went down in flames." Well, Pat Ford is still on the city payroll. He is still getting a city check -- to the best of our knowledge.

Just as Twanda went to Las Vegas on the city credit card after being charged, Pat Ford is getting pay checks after being suspended by the mayor. Is Michael Lamb still signing the checks for Pat Ford? Why no OVERSIGHT on Pat Ford. Let's take his checks and put the money aside and if he is found to be 'innocent' -- then he can get some back pay. But, regardless, he isn't working now.

So, Pat Ford went down in flames and the taxpayers are still paying the bills to Pat Ford. The losses are still mounting -- against the city's treasury.

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