Monday, May 12, 2008

Section 8 Housing gets some chatter with KDKA Radio

Marty Griffin thinks Section 8 housing is a problem everywhere.

My solution:

"Section 8" landlords should be required to live within 1-mile of their residence. That would tighten ownership and neighborhoods. People are getting rich building slum housing who do NOT live there.

I'm not certain of the 1-mile distance, but there can be some metrics associated with distance to investments and primary residence. Likewise, a phase in policy can be leveraged into the forumla. Plus, we should get rid of the 'deed transfer tax' to make the marketplace more fluid for the transfer of ownership among home owners.

Suburban landlords are wonderful for urban neighborhoods. But, the landlords who want public subsidization should only go to those who are near.

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Anonymous said...

John K. says: One mile is too far away. They should live within 100 yards of the Sec 8 Housing, be responsible for paying for extra police and also be required to own the local 7-11 near the Sec 8 housing so they can experience the loss in profits from routine theft.