Sunday, May 25, 2008

C-Span -- LIVE -- NOW -- Libertarian Party Convention

Tune into the C-SPAN coverage of the . Our guys from Pittsburgh are there too.

The first round vote count is happening now. Real democracy at work.

PA Voted as follows:

6 Bob Barr

5 George Phillies

7 Mike Gravel

1 Mike Jingozian

2 Dr. Mary Ruwart

1 Steve Kubby

3 write ins

0 Wayne Allen Root

0 Christine Smith (given an anti Barr speech on her way off the podium.)

First vote totals and candidates for the second vote:
  • Barr, 153, = 25%
  • Mary Ruwart, 152, = 25%
  • Root, 123
  • Gravell, 71
  • Phillies, 49
  • Kubby, = 41, = 7%
    2nd vote:
  • Barr, 188
  • Rwart, 162
  • Root, 138
  • Gravel, 73
  • Phillies, 36
  • S.Kubby = 32


PA's final vote: 15 for Bob Barr, 8 for Mary Ruwart, 2 for None of the above.

The Libertarian nomination for US President goes to Bob Barr.

Next up, the running mate.


Anonymous said...

John K. says: Hey Rauterkaus, I am watching that convention. Questions: Why are there no people of color or minorities represented? All white men and women.
I did not see you in the crowd. I thought for sure you would be self-promoting as the Man who should be King and running mates. They did not even mention your name.
I thought you told us to vote for Ron Paul? What you switching as the wind blows?

Mark Rauterkus said...

Rauterkus -- like this blog's name.

I didn't go to the convention. Some of my Libertarian friends did attend.

I would never choose nor want to be 'king.'

Ron Paul was in the R primary. I wanted him to get votes in that primary. And, he got plenty.

That primary is behind us. It is history. Next up -- the general election.

When you can't grasp the difference between past, present and future, you can't understand many things.

The wind blows hard when you (John K) post on the blogs, for sure.

Anonymous said...

John K. says: So what is the deal? On April 22nd you said we should all go out and vote for Ron Paul. What if he had won? Would you still be telling us to vote for Ron Paul with Bob Barr in the race. You attempted to hijack a political party for your own benefit. Rauterkaus, you been outed. LMAO

Mark Rauterkus said...

What if Ron Paul won? -- Well John K. He didn't win the GOP nomination. He is the only other guy still standing beyond McCain.

If he had won, the world would be a better place and there would be a GENERAL ELCTION where people go and vote again.

If Ron Paul had won, I expect that the Libertarians would have NOT nominated anyone and instead -- gone 100% for Ron Paul.

But, Paul didn't win the GOP Primary.

So, that is the deal.


Furthermore, Bob Barr would NOT be in the race if Ron Paul had won. None of the "Ls" would be in the race, I dare say, for US President. Perhaps Barr and others would be helping Ron Paul -- or running in other races for other offices (state house, state senate, congress, US Senate, etc. )

I'm not now "outed" -- as I've ALWAYS been outed -- as I feel I've never been 'in' -- never closed, hidden. You can't "out" open and honest.

Anonymous said...

John K. says: Ahh but you did all you could to have Ron Paul win. You tried to oonvince me to vote for him. And you ain't a Republican. Which begs the question I asked and you should confront; If Ron Paul had won would you be supporting him or Bob Barr in October. I am stating you would support Barr. Which leads to my premise, you tried to hijack a party, ala Buchanon, for your own personal benefit. Not on principle, for you are a libertarian. Rauterkaus, face it you been outed.

Mark Rauterkus said...

John K, twisted as always.

For your information, I was a "R" before I was a "L".

I am still a "L". So, it is hard to hi-jack when you are not even a "R".

Furthermore, Ron Paul is a "R". Was for a long time. Is so in the US Congress.

When you mess with the language and the facts -- then it becomes impossible to have a conversation.

IF Ron Paul had won the "R" nomination, then I would support Ron Paul and might have returned to the "R" party.

Many of my "L" friends joined the "R" party to vote for Ron Paul. I did not.

If Ron Paul had won the R primary -- Bob Barr would not run. I would be supporting Ron Paul.

That should be clear to you.

Re-read if it is not.